Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

International REDETE Conference


About the client

International REDETE Conference is an annual scientific event founded in 2011 with the aim of (re)launching debates and scholarly research on issues concerning research and economic development in transition countries.

REDETE is a leading conference in Southeast Europe in fields related to research and economic development in transition countries. Its participants are researchers and distinguished scholars from the best European universities and research centers.



Organized conference sessions, participants’ accommodation, transportation, social meetings, and other activities on 4 annual conferences (2012-2016).

Participated in 2 REDETE B2B Network Forums (2018, 2019) and connected business from Bosnia and Herzegovina with institutions and potential business partners from the EU.

Redacted conference proceedings for the 2nd REDETE conference (2012).

Rebranded the conference logo (2019).


New conference logo

Challenge. To redesign the conference logo into a visually more appealing one and to add the full name of the conference to the logo, so everyone is aware of the meaning behind the REDETE acronym.

Solution. Research and logo specifications were made by me and design activities by the designer Nikola Bujak. The main change on the logo was adding a shadow and a strong white border around it. This way, we improved the visibility of the logo, especially on the white background. The logo now contains the full conference name, clearly showing the meaning of the REDETE acronym. After we agreed on changes, Nikola applied them by doing logo retouching and image optimization in Photoshop.

Figure 1. A new REDETE logo