Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CGA Belgrade Meets Banja Luka



Project time frame: January – March 2020

About the client: ROBOKIDS ( is a center for advanced STEM education, a lifelong learning platform, and a makerspace for future-oriented jobs. It provides the contemporary young workforce with necessary digital & practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit, and attracts them to science and technology, preparing them for the jobs of the future.

Project challenge

The goal of this project was to plan, organize and coordinate the CGA Belgrade Meets Banja Luka meetup, a regional event with the purpose of building professional networks and starting business dialogues between experts from the fields of visual effects (VFX), gaming industry, virtual reality (VR) and digital arts.

Project solution

Workshop “Introduction to Organic Modeling: Character & Creature Design” led by senior 3D and concept artist Sasa Ristic Krieger was a great opportunity for students and young experts who want to start their journey in the gaming industry as 3D artists to learn more about the industry of organic modeling, but also to gain practical hands-on knowledge of the Zbrush program which is used in organic modeling.

The main program consisted of 5 speakers who talked about the state of the CG industry in the region, concept art in the gaming and film industry including the current trends in VFX, rounding up the event with the panel “Mapping of the regional CG scene.”

In total, the event attracted over 100 people and provided great insights on opportunities and ways to connect artists, professionals, students, and CG enthusiasts to create a stronger CG scene in the region.

Main activities:
• Brainstorming and implementing event plans and concepts.
• Handling budgeting and invoicing.
• Liaising and negotiating quotes with vendors.
• Negotiating sponsorship deals.
• Assisting with digital marketing campaigns.
• Handling logistics and technical preparations.
• Organizing networking activities and social meetings.
• Collecting and analyzing event feedback.
• Handling post-event reports.

Event Gallery

© Photos by Georgije Damjanovic