Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Call Center Web Application


Project Overview


Project time frame: September 2015 – April 2019

About the employer: Infomedia d.o.o. Banja Luka ( develops custom software and internet marketing solutions with the purpose of web sales and package distribution.

Project Challenge

We needed inbound and outbound call panels within our telemarketing platform that would enable us to sell our products via telephone and provide support to our customers. Call center agents would then use these panels to enter customers’ data and process the product orders.

The goal was to build the call panels that could:
• Display the up-to-date information about the current product order (product description, price, shipment details);
• Properly display information about repeated buyers from our database;
• Be easy to use so call agents could effortlessly navigate the interface and sell the products.

Project solution 

The basic panel structure was built during the initial development, but we had to make new versions of panels as the business was developing. Each new category of customers required a specific panel adjusted to information associated with them (whether they could have a discount, free shipment, etc.; or whether they are repeated buyers so we could offer specific products to them).

Panels with different versions of sales texts were also built and tested with the aim to analyze which version is best in converting leads into buying customers.

User interfaces of panels were mostly improved based on communication with call center agents. We built panels that were easy to navigate with all the relevant information about the product order properly displayed.

I designed and built a simple-to-use platform for telesales and customer support with many advanced features. This enabled call agents to better understand the sales processes of our company and to use the app more efficiently, which improved customer satisfaction and resulted in a long-term increase in sales of our products.

Project activities:
– Looking at recordings of call center agents’ activities in call panels for any weird behavior and requesting fixes of bugs if there are any.
– Checking feature requests from call agents, sorting and prioritizing them.
– Communicating with the sales team and deciding which features should be built.
– Creating wireframes and mockups for features and flows.
– Inserting requirements specifications together with wireframes and mockups in Trello tickets and assigning tasks.
– Internal manual testing. 
– Overseeing the release of new features and remote usability testing.
– Providing support to call agents.
– Constant communication with call agents with the purpose of improving user interfaces and functionality of call panels.

The Team:
– Medior and senior PHP and Python developers.
– Web designers.
– Sales teams.
– Remote teams of call center agents and their team leaders.

Tools used:
– LucidChart for creating call panel wireframes.
– Trello for organizing tasks and priorities.
– Google sheets for collecting and organizing user feedback.
– Inspectlet for activity recording in call panels.