Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Dalibor Rodic
Product Manager
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About Me

I am a Product Manager with over 4 years of experience in building and launching web applications and websites – both internal solutions and commercial products. I served clients across multiple industries and sectors, including: Telecommunication, Science, Education, Steel Production, Manufacturing, Lighting, and Charity.

Lately, I am working with cross-functional teams both as an Agile Coach and Product Manager in a company that builds websites and web apps for multinational corporations and industry leaders such as ThyssenKrupp, Knorr-Bremse, Ledvance, Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Munich and others.

Earlier, I built a web platform that became the basis for starting a telemarketing business, secured stable sales growth of products on 20+ markets for more than 3 years and helped increase the company size from 20 to 100+ people.

During that time I started more than 30 strategic partnerships with telecommunications companies and scaled the business to 17 European and 1 African market. While working on these projects, I had an opportunity to lead a very skilled cross-functional team of developers, designers, user support, sales, and digital marketing experts.

I am looking for a role in an innovative small company or a tech startup, where I could have the liberty of independently building and marketing amazing products and growing the business. I would love to work and progress in a creative, fast-paced environment with awesome people and fantastic company culture.

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Reporting Tools

Built various product analytics and data visualization tools in statistic dashboards of the Phoneorder telemarketing web application that were used by executives and project leaders to analyze sales outcomes and create future sales strategies…read more

Internal Product Management

Telemarketing Web Platform

Designed and built user-friendly inbound and outbound call panels for telesales and customer support that enabled call agents to better understand the company’s sale processes which resulted in a long-term increase in sales…read more

IVR System

The goal of this project was to establish partnerships with companies that could offer VoIP phone service and build an IVR system that would ensure the high efficiency of the internal call center.…read more

Business Development

Call Center Project

The goal of this project was to find small- to medium-sized call center providers that could offer high-quality telesales and customer support services and to arrange and maintain successful business partnerships with them…read more

Event Management

CGA Belgrade Meets Banja Luka

Goal of this project was to plan, organize and coordinate the CGA Belgrade Meets Banja Luka meetup, a regional event with the purpose of building professional networks and starting business dialogues between experts from the fields of visual effects (VFX), gaming industry, virtual reality (VR) and digital arts…read more

Graphic Design

Beton Gal Product Catalog

The goal of this project was to build a product catalog for Beton Gal, a company that produces and sells stone setts, stone fences, and other stone elements for backyards, streets and buildings…read more



Boris Janjetovic

Senior Software Developer, Infomedia d.o.o.

“It was my pleasure to work with Dalibor. He is an excellent manager striving to give his maximum effort in leading projects. Especially he is capable of leading projects based on the development of sales-oriented web applications. I fully recommend him for making business and I really enjoyed to work with this guy and develop many good business ideas.”

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Nenad Sakovic

Founder & CEO, Sellex Telecom

“I was astonished with Dalibor’s decisiveness, introspectiveness, technology understanding, digital sales transformation adoption and the way how he’s lead his team and managed the project. He had a clear vision how to embrace our service into their sales processes and how to move forward w/o any stress and pressure, but with obvious and progressive success.”

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Jovo Ateljevic

Founder & Chairman, REDETE Conference

“Dalibor is very motivated and ambitious young man who can elevate other group members to perform even better. His communication skills allowed him to create high empathy with other group members, which means that he is able to understand their perspectives while working with them.”

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Branko Vasiljevic

Former CEO, BitLab d.o.o.

“Dalibor conducted market research activities for the project of expanding the market share of the company on web app market of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of scientific events organization. Research results presented by Dalibor enabled us to make important decisions for the continuation of mentioned project in a very fast, effective and easy manner.”

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Phone:     00387644551447

Location:     Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina